Send Some Love

There is a card for everyone in your life in our Greeting Card collection.

Your Key to the Castle

Unlock the Castle Suite with our vintage motel style keychain, which features '71, the year WDW opened!

Ready for gifting!

Our Personalized Note Cards are quickly becoming our number one best selling gift this year!

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This is absolutely my new favorite mug. I love the size and the design. I might as well never put this mug away because I always want to use it.
— Kim
Customer reviews
This is my favorite Disney t-shirt! Beyond the shirt being adorable, Happily Ever Tees is a fantastic brand. Everything, from their t-shirts to their stationary and stickers, are fantastic quality. They also always go above and beyond with their customer service.
— Paige

Add a Sticker

Stickers are universally loved. They make the perfect add on item to anything you are gifting. Even better ... all of our stickers ship FREE!

Screen Printed Tees

All of our tees are designed by me, Nicole and printed with love by Cam using eco-friendly practices in our shop!

Sunshine + Rainbows

The perfect tee for adding a little happiness to your day!

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Hey friends! All of the items in our shop ship in 1-3 business days, with the exception of pre-order items!