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Hello. Our name is Happily.

Hello. Our name is Happily.

Hello friends!

I wanted to get all of my feelings out as we share Happily with you for the very first time. A lot of you have been with us since the beginning and you may already know our story. Long before Happily Ever Tees, I designed paper goods. Basically right out of High School, I jumped head first into my shop, Designs by Nicolina. There I combined my love of paper and typography into something really fun.

Fast forward a few years, we started Happily Ever Tees in 2014 when we were planning a trip to one of our favorite places. It was so much fun connecting with you guys in a new way. Seeing you wearing our designs in fun colorways that we printed in our little shop was the coolest thing in the world. Happily Ever Tees grew fast and at times it was totally overwhelming. This forced us to shift focus away from Designs by Nicolina.

For the past five years of Happily Ever Tees, I have been so thankful that you all have come along with us on this journey. Looking back at how we began, I never lost my love of fun, happy designs. Ones that are more focused on the every day and not just for once in a lifetime trips.

As we celebrate five years of Happily Ever Tees we thought it was time to begin a new chapter. I am so happy to be able to share it with you now. The changes you are going to notice in the shop have been on our hearts and minds for a long time.

You can think of Happily as if our first shop, Designs by Nicolina and Happily Ever Tees morphed into one.

The shop will be filled with fun graphic tees that will inspire you to make every day the BEST DAY EVER. We will also offer a selection of curated goods that we have come to love. Our brand, Happily, will all be designed in our Orlando, FL studio.

We also have exciting news that many of our Happily brand items will be available for wholesale. We would love for you to pass this along to any small (or big!) shops that you love.

For a long time I held back making these changes because I was scared. However, as we launch the all new Happily, I know this is what we were meant to do all along. So here we go on to our next big adventure and the Best Days Ever!

Love Happily,
Nicole White

Lovers, Dreamers & Me - Behind the Design

Lovers, Dreamers & Me - Behind the Design

Lovers, Dreamers & Me. This is the first tee that will be offered on Happily that is totally fresh, and designed just for the new shop. In this Behind the Design post I want to share a little bit of what inspired this design, as well as what we did to put our own spin on something classic.

It's probably pretty obvious that this design was inspired by one of my favorite songs, sung by the cutest little green guy. I used to listen to this song over and over as a kid, on a cassette tape of course.

You guys know that typography is one of my favorite things in the world. I am always trying new lettering styles or trying to mix up basic fonts. For this one, I decided to arch the lettering in three rows to mimic a rainbow.

The classic ROYGBIV colors aren't really on brand for Happily or my personal style, so we decided to go with a pink, orange and violet to make it a little more fun!

Something to remember with our new designs, everything you see in the shop now will be considered limited edition. We are doing one large run of a design instead of smaller runs with loads of restocking. Our hope is this makes it easier to purchase our newest designs while also allowing us to focus on keeping the shop fresh!

This design is available in a tee, enamel pin and art print.

We can't wait to see how you style these pieces in your wardrobe and your home!

Love Happily,
Nicole White

Best Day Ever - Behind the Design

Best Day Ever - Behind the Design

The all new Happily is officially here, and with a new shop and designs I wanted to also begin a new series on the blog where we talk about the design process a little more.

I hope this new series which I am calling Behind the Design will help you fall in love with Happily as much as we have.

Let's begin this series by talking about Best Day Ever. We call this our signature design because since day one our Best Day Ever tee has been our best seller. When we were planning the shop revamp for Happily we knew we wanted to keep our signature Best Day Ever tee, but it needed a refresh!

The first thing we decided on was that the new design would need to loose any elements that made it feel to specific to one time and place. Part of the new Happily is that we want you to feel like you can wear our tees anywhere and everywhere.

Next, we knew we wanted to keep the design minimal, yet fun. This would enable us to change the colors seasonally. The first colorway we are launching is Natural Candy. As always use a super soft tee.

The design inspiration for the typography in the new Best Day Ever design came from a mix of 1950's ads I love and vintage game show logos.

STORY TIME: There was a period in Middle School where I was obsessed with Game Show Network and old school game shows. A lot of my color and design inspiration still comes from there.

Since our original Best Day Ever tee was block letters and left aligned I think a part of me wanted to rebel against that and that is how I got the jumble of letters look for the new design.

I love tee shirts. I have a closet full of them and I am constantly collecting more. To me tees are the most versatile pieces clothing you can have in your closet. You can dress them up or down depending on the bottoms you pair with your tee and the accessories you add to the look.

You can shop our new Best Day Ever tee here. I can't wait to see how you guys style this one!

Love Happily,
Nicole White